Globat Reviews and Comparison with Top Web Hosts

Comments Off is one good web hosting company that works for most people, unless you need something shared hosting can’t be able to offer you. This web hosting now with more than 100,000 domain hosted, and their well known unlimited storage and unlimited domain hosting plan is just a great combination. web hosting

Is Globat unlimited hosting any good? We used to be hosting with them before. Few years of web hosting experience with them since they are still using GCC control panel. Now they are using the most advanced vDeck control panel that have more features. This web hosting plan is now easier to use and more reliable too. It’s recommended to all type of users including the beginner that is having their first web hosting plan.

Their web hosting plan includes the following features:

  • VDeck control panel with CM4all website builder.
  • Unlimited storage space, bandwidth and website hosting.
  • 50 MySQL database.
  • Free domain name registration for first year.
  • Support RealAudio and RealVideo streaming.

Is Globat control panel easy to use? Previously they are using the GCC, now they are upgraded to vDeck 4 control panel. It’s the most powerful and more advanced website control center. It allows easy configuration and setting to be done quickly. Their vDeck conrol panel looks like this.

vDeck control panel

Setup website and uploading file with FTP manager. When you first start out with them, and what you need to do next is upload or send your files to server. How you going to send file to the server? You only got one choice, using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). They come with online FTP manager, included in their control panels.

This file manager is an incredibly powerful tool not found on other hosts. It supports multiple file upload, meaning you can add more than one file to your site at a time. You can also change file permissions, which is very useful for web programmers. It is a full feature web FTP manager.

They are hosting over 100,000 websites. Their company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. And is now hosted over 100,000 websites. Featuring their extreme package of 1000 GB of web space and transfer per month, for the price of $5.95/mo. This package considered as the industry leading.

Our many years of hosting reviewing, any hosting with over 100,000 websites hosted, is already reaching a level of maturity, and offering hosting services at the best quality. If the reputation is bad, bet you won’t seeing ten thousand websites hosted there. This company is founded in 2001, and its the sixth years of success. Long history can say.

1 year money back guarantee and easy account cancellation. They are offering an unique money back guarantee on hosting plan that you purchased. Its a year long guarantee, and at anytime you can cancel your account and get a prorated refund at anytime you like. Simple and totally feel safe with purchase. Your money is safe, and you can cancel account anytime you want.

Email account storage space limits. Each email accounts created with is limited to 1000 at one time. This means that if you are using POP3 and not removing your emails from the server you will hit the limit. Also, if you are using Web mail, you will need to periodically clean out old messages. The 1000 email limit is for all folders and regardless of the size of the email messages. So, always choose to remove server copy, whenever you download email to your email client like Outlook Express.

Helpdesk and customer support team is here to help. They are offering various type of technical supports, and basically you can reach them by phone, email, or live chat through internet. Let say, you are having some technical issue with your hosting plan, and you got no clue how to solve it, or you need extra information, or your hosted website is down. Quickly contact their support team. You can reach them by:

  • Phone support (877) 245-6228.
  • Phone support for international user (323) 874-9000.
  • Live chat for technical support.
  • Help centre and help ticket system.
  • Knowledgebase and FAQ help centre.

As I experienced here today, I am not sure how to transfer domains to them. So, quickly I go to official homepage, and start a live chat with technical support team. Short after I input my question and inquiry, a technical support staff answer my inquiry and pointed me to the support page or knowledge base page that describe the steps of domain transfer. The problem was quick resolved.

Have to say, I tried contacted their customer support team, and they are fast in replying to my inquiry. Problem solved within an hour, and I am glad. This is the email that you will receive after you initiated email ticket to support team.

Thank you for contacting the Customer Service Department. This message has been automatically generated in response to your message which resulted in the creation of a trouble ticket. Please do not reply to this message. Your ticket has been assigned ID CPY-51346-000 and the next available customer service representative will respond shortly to address your concerns. Please leave the subject line intact on all future correspondence about this issue. To do so, simply reply to each message. Thank you again for contacting the Customer Service Team.”

Drag and drop website builder to create website. They have developed their own web builder online program, named GloBuild.

GloBuild is an easy-to-use web application that comes free with every account. It allows you to create a web site with a professional look generally in less than an hour. A web site created with GloBuild would often cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if created instead by a professional web designer. It’s incredibly easy to create your site with GloBuild using the built-in templates and style customizations.

Basically this tool is similar to WebBuilder available in cPanel.

Webstat and traffic monitoring for your websites. You get a tool to view the disc and bandwidth usage. Same as cpanel based hosting, on the left corner you can usually see the account monthly usage and what is the current quota limits. Login to you control panel… go to stat and logs section, and you can view the current disc and bandwidth usage. For more details of hourly and daily activities, and where the visitors come from, which search engine they using, and found your webpages through which search terms. All these information is gathered by AWstats.


I been using cPanel for some years and I still prefer to look at AWstats compare to Webalizer etc, or other custom made traffic monitoring tools. Page views, hits, landing page, and also which country the visitors from, are all logged by AWstats.

As a professional webmaster, it’s important to gather all these information. So that you know how well your websites perform, and how many traffic is bring by search engine Google compare to Yahoo for example. Statistic shows the activity, and you can find thousand way to utilize and understand your website users.

Globat affiliate program pays $100 per sale. At the footer of their homepage, you could find their affiliate program link. If you haven’t have a new account yet, signup an account here. Proceed to signup of the affiliate program. Basically, you will earn $65 per sales. And after 2 sales, which is 3rd sales onward, you will earning $100 per sales referred. How hard is that?

Every affiliate program, there is always their rules and regulation. Make sure you read through it. Understand how payment is send to you, minimum balance require for withdrawing, and how many days the new account need to stay active, so that you can get paid. This is their fraud preventive rules.

Beside that, they are offering premium affiliate system, named Gloflex affiliate program. I go through this plan in details, and not prefer to join it, as I need to pay for the membership, so that I can earn extra per sales.

How good are them when compared with top web hosts? Here is our quick & simple comparison with few other top web hosting companies like:

  • IPage is another budget web hosting that frequently get mentioned, iPage is popular among webmasters and now host more than 1 million domains. iPage unlimited plan is now $4.50 per month and offering similar plan, plus their nearly identical free marketing credits. Another great web host to consider too.
  • Fatcow is a web host that you never get bored with, cute icon/logo too. Unlimited hosting plan now from $4.67/mo and weekend sales are available from time to time. Plus some free marketing credits, live chat support, phone support, good uptime. That makes them one fearsome web hosting company too.
  • IPOWER is with over 700,000 domains hosted with IPOWER hosting, this is another big web hosting company too. Unlimited hosting plan with vDeck control panel and nice & friendly customer service which we preferred always. IPOWER web hosting plan price from $4.95/mo, its another budget web host to consider.
  • Startlogic is the marathon winner in web hosting industry. With their fast selling shared web hosting plans, right from $2.95/mo to $4.95 per month unlimited plan. With vDeck control panel as well, and great for any type of website. VPS hosting and other plan also available.
  • Hostgator is another big player in web hosting world, Hostgator is simply staggering with their 4 millions domain hosted. CPanel web hosting plan from $3.96/mo, but unlimited hosting plan is from $7.95/mo which is nearly twice of what they have to offer. VPS plan and reseller plan from Hostgator is another two main attraction.

Compare and rate one web hosting plan with another, and this will help you to find the best web hosting company to host your websites. We encourage unlimited hosting plan and unlimited domain web hosting features, good support and good uptime is another must have features.

Globat DNS domain name server is as following. Either you buy domain name from them, or you buy domain name from external domain registrar like GoDaddy, Enom, Registryfly, Namecheap, etc. You can get domain name from anywhere, and make the domain redirection, so your website can be hosted with them accordingly. Simply change the DNS to following:


You can purchase domain name from them directly at promotion price of $4.99 for the first year. And following year will be $8.95. Their domain name is cheap, and in good price. Commonly, hosting provider will charge $10 to $15 per domain name register.

After we signup, here is the invoice received. After completing the web hosting signup, you will receive the signup and payment invoice. The email sent to me, look like this:

Dear customer:

Thank you very much for choosing as your web hosting and e-commerce provider. This is the world leader in performance web hosting. We will work very hard to ensure your total satisfaction. This email confirms that we have received your order and are processing it right now.

Please note that this email does NOT contain your account information. For security purposes our billing team might call the phone number you provided to verify your order.

If you elected to pay by credit card or e-check you will receive our welcome email, containing your account login, username, and password within the next 24 hours. This “welcome email” will confirm that your new hosting account is active and setup on the network.

If you elected to pay using PayPal, please note that your account setup will be delayed until we receive your payment.

Globat Coupons, Discounts and Promotion

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For this Christmas 2008, you can sign up at special discount at, the lowest promotion price. Instead of paying regular pricing of $7.77 per month, you are now paying for just $4.44 per month, and gets unlimited storage hosting.

You also getting these:

  • Free domain registration.
  • Unlimited email/webmail accounts.
  • Expert phone support.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free site builder tool.

Xmas Sale

They are previously offering 1000 GB web storage space and 1000 GB monthly bandwidth, and allow you to host 10 websites/domain in single account. Now, they are offering unlimited hosting features at the same amazing $4.44 per month hosting price.

* No Globat coupon code require. Follow the link above for special promotion!

Previously their web hosting had carried out various web hosting promotions and rebates. Which including the 1 year free rebate, where you can send it rebate through mail and redeem your free annual hosting. And few months back there is forth of July promotion where they are giving 44% off from their hosting bill for the first year. All these offers/promotion/discounts had ends.

The new Globat promotion is where you can save up to$72 dollars. Without the needs for any coupon code, you can get a Globat discount of $72 dollars. If you look for the coupon $72 dollars, then enter these:

  • 12 months hosting $7.95/mo.
  • 24 months hosting $6.95/mo.
  • 36 months hosting $5.95/mo.

As you can see, if you selected the 36 months billing, you can get $2 x 36 month = $72 saving. This is the best promotion ever. If you look forward to sign up, definitely 36 months will be your choice.

Special discount price

Get a Free Domain Name

Signing up a new hosting account is not difficult at all. Indeed, it’s simple and fast. This hosting is now with $4.44 promotion now, and you are actually paying less for their web hosting plan. When you order the their Terabyte plan, enter the coupon code: lowprice7 and this code will give you maximum discount and free domain name as well.

I ordered the terabyte plan and selected 12 months plan. The setup fee is waived. And Also get a free domain name forever. The total amount I need to pay will be $4.44 x 12 month = $53.28 for the 1000 GB hosting plan.

Web Hosting Rebates and Cash Return

Do you know how hosting rebates work? And how you can purchase this plan and get some cash rebate back in returns?

It’s simple that as a affiliate with good track records this long, as long I refer new customer to them, I will be rewarded some sales commission. And usually I get paid after 30 days, and sometime can delayed up to 60 or 90 days, due to system fraud prevention. Bottom line is that, they will paid me certain amount of money $65 dollar per sales referred.

And as a rewards back to you, you can sign up through my and so it will be tracked, and I can reward the money back to you as well. Its simple as they paid me, I paid you back in return. Please follow the rebate instruction provided, so that the rebates process can be validated and successful.

I like to highlight this and you should beware of hosting affiliate that offering extreme high rebates money within short time. And beware of phishing sites out there, that is already not active and still running the dot com. Result is that, you will not get your rebates after all the waiting. And fact is that, lots of dot com business closed down after few months of operation. Simply as they don’t follow the rules of the industry and result in lots of unexpected troubles. was setup as an effort to reward user as well, beside making some profits as other business do. It’s now over 9000 back link from Yahoo check, and its highly talk about hosting rebate company. Lots of efforts had been put in, and its business is a success now. Glad it is!

Things to consider when picking a niche

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If you’re planning on making a site or blog then there are certain aspects you have to check before you invest any money into it. The very first step is to perform thorough research into it to make sure the competition isn’t too high, if you can find an undeveloped smaller niche it will do better then a massive niche with loads of competition. Especially in the beginning, once you can get your website ranking for any keyword you want, you can then tackle the bigger more profitable niches and your website won’t drown in the search engines after you have experience. Start small and pick an easy niche in which you can do testing to see what works, what doesn’t and so on then as your confidence grows you can target the harder ones as you have a strategy in place.

Once you are confident you have found a niche that has minimal competition you have to look for keywords, you can use keyword suggestion tools to find out what people are searching for in order to get the maximum potential out of your website when you come to monetize it. Also look into a domain name which may be easy to relate to the niche as people will remember it easier when telling other people.

You have to ensure you pick a niche that you are interested in, this will make it far easier in the long run when it comes to making unique content for your website. You have to update it on a daily basis with fresh exciting news that people will be keen to read. If you start reading a boring article would you carry on? Didn’t think so, the problem is most people won’t either!If your website is of great interest to you then it won’t feel like a chore when you come to write about it which makes life easier as it’s hard to concentrate and write on boring topics as you will no doubt find out if you haven’t in the past.

As well as having a topic you like, it’s best if you can find one that is hot on the scene. A popular niche will take less effort to get traffic, if people are generally interested then they will tell their friends and family who will tell theirs and so on. That’s half of the battle already done, read up on tips & tricks so you don’t make any regrettable mistakes in the future.

Start blogging with WordPress blog

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At here, setup a blogging website on their hosting is not hard. Indeed, I always prefer using WordPress 2.1 script, as this is the best blogging script that I had come across. Although I am still new to this control panel, Setup is fast simple and only take me less than 10 minutes. I need to thanks Globat for the good support team that give me a good guideline to start with this hosting as well.

  1. Go to, download the latest blog script.
  2. Unzip it and upload to Globat server, through FTP manager.
  3. Login to Globat GCC, and create a new database, and assign new user to this database.
  4. Fill in this database info into wp-config.php. Upload this file to server as well.
  5. Go to the URL that you uploaded the script. And the installer will star to run from there.

E-commerce Setup and Installation

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I had been setup e-commerce website at multiple web host before and probably its your first time setup e-commerce website with shopping cart at here, and start to accept PayPal or credit card payment online. Don’t panic or get frustrated with technical jargon. Its easier than you think. Follow simple guides carefully, and give it a try:

  1. Make you you already have a web hosting plan.
  2. Download the free osCommerce shopping cart script.
  3. Unzip the osCommerce shopping script and upload to server.
  4. Check the php.ini file, make sure it is set to “register_globals = on”.
  5. In cpanel, create new MySQL database and create MySQL database user.
  6. To start the osCommerce installation, browse to the location of the folder, e.g., and the installer will guide you through the rest.
  7. Simple as that, your installation is completed and your store is online.

This hosting come with free e-commerce script & SSL which allow you to run HTTPS website and accepting credit card payment online. If you would require merchant account, you can sign up through them as well.

Once your e-commerce website is up and running. Next thing you need to worry is how to promote it and generate sales. They are offering $30 dollars free marketing credits from Google Adwords. You can use these marketing credit coupon to bring in some web traffic, and convert them into sales.